Our background

The Vox founding partners were seasoned strategic solutions consultants at large global service providers – IBM, AT&T, Cisco, Oracle, and Sprint. At these businesses, they were tasked with designing and integrating very diverse technologies into highly-scalable enterprise voice and data-hosted applications. These clients included companies like eBay, Disney, Sony, Electronic Arts, and Vivendi Universal and budgets of $2-10 million per month for outsourced, managed-services solutions.

Our clients

Business continuity and disaster recovery requirements drove the need for traditional, internal systems/onsite client solutions to be replaced with outsourced managed services – or what’s commonly known today as cloud computing.

Vox uses next-generation technologies that are very scalable, reliable, and quickly deployed. We now host a fully-integrated cloud contact center solution that integrates third-party management systems and unifies business processes into an easy-to-use, customizable agent and reporting interface. We cater primarily to clients that are third-party service providers.